Reflection on Digital Narrative Games

1- Spent:

As i played spent, I realized all the financial responsibilities that parents have to think about. I made it through the month with 50 dollars to spare and I achieved that by putting everyone first except for me. I sacrificed my own health and didn’t go to the dentist, in order to provide the best for my child and pay the medical bill for my mother. Playing this game made me think about how having financial constraints causes a lot of stress on the parents. It also made me learn and rethink more on my spending, as i used to spend money without thinking twice. I felt very guilty and privileged while i played the game, as i thought about my family and the sacrifices they make so we can be provided with everything we have now.

2- Syrian Refugee:

Playing the Syrian refugee game, made me have mixed feelings. I played it twice, and didn’t survive or cross the border safely. Like the game “spent”, it made me feel privileged to be living in a country that i did not have to flee from or feel threatened it. It also made me feel grateful to have a shelter and a roof to sleep under every night.

3- Depression Quest:

A couple of years ago, I remember my friend approaching me and telling me that he has depression and started going to therapy for it, and thats why i decided to play the game. I did not realize and I was very unaware of how that impacts everything he was doing in his daily life. Furthermore, it showed me the impact and the toll it takes on someones mental health. The concept was still new to me as i didn’t have the knowledge about depression, that i have today. Hence, I don’t think I was a lot of help to him. After playing the game, I learned more about how depression affects a persons daily actions.

4- Orphan By Heart:

A big part of my personality is always doing charity work. Most of the charity work I did involved going to Orphanages. My first visit was when i was 13, and so I didn’t really think much about it. I visited an orphanage consistently last year, and I remember my exact thoughts after going in for the first time. I cried after that visit because there was a boy that talked to me about how his dad and his sister live in Giza and leave him in the orphanage simply because they cant afford to take care of him. The rest of the kids do not know who their parents are and were very attached to us and considered them their family. I learned the importance of being grateful for everything around us and how privileged we are and how we take that for granted. I think the game could be enhanced by adding more pictures and making it more interactive for the player.

5- Know Yourself:

This game was one of my favorites! I found all the scenarios very interesting as I believe that I am not a judgemental person, and the options I chose proved that. It gave scenarios that I was never really put in, so it was interesting to think about what i would do if I was put in that situation. I think that if the game was executed in a more engaging way, it would’ve been more interesting.

6- Bad News:


This game was very interesting as it required choosing between moral objections and gaining more followers and credibility. Basically choosing between becoming famous and retweeting fake news or “dying a hero” as stated in the game. I believe that re-tweeting fake news is harmful to society as there is a wide range of people accessing and reading what you post. Thus, being famous and having a large platform also includes responsibility towards your viewers. This includes, making sure that what you are posting is acceptable for the age group following you. Also concentrating on doing whats best for you and not just doing things that will make you more famous. I learned that I should not believe everything I read online and should check its credibility before sharing like we discussed in class.

Overall, as I played the 6 games, each one was different and taught me something valuable in life. The student games lacked visuals and engagement but the professional games had less interesting topics that intrigued me but more interesting visuals that made the game more enjoyable.

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